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For more than 70 years, Flyer's has been teaching students of all ages the thrill and joy of using nature's energy to glide them across the sheltered waters of Provincetown Harbor. It's a tradition we maintain to this day and year after year we have the satisfaction of seeing past students return to rent boats without an instructor to share the beauty of sail power with their friends or family.

At Flyer's we recognize the time constraints of being on vacation and we have tailored our sailing lessons to meet these needs. Our aim is to quickly give you the confidence to steer one of our stable Rhodes 19 sloops around the harbor to learn the key points of sailing as rapidly and safely as possible.


We don't follow the formal teaching schedules of some schools where students are able to dedicate an entire vacation to sailing. We want you to learn; to learn fast, to learn well, and most important of all, to enjoy the experience . Years of teaching have proven that our two-hour hands-on lessons are an extremely successful way to bring home the basics in an enjoyable manner not to mention in beautiful surroundings.


Most novice students will feel comfortable to take a boat out on their own in light wind conditions after three lessons with one of our instructors. But if you don't have time for that in this vacation, you'll still find even one lesson  a rewarding learning experience.

Already know the basics of sailing but feel a bit rusty on your skills? Not a problem. We can arrange a refresher lesson to bring you back up to speed before you take your friends or family out on the water. If you own your own sailboat or have bought a new one, but haven't had much experience in it, we can also arrange a refresher sail in your own boat combined with a familiarization of local waters.

We have staff experienced in craft from Sunfish to 80' keel boats; with local harbor knowledge to Transatlantic crossings.

See what the Boston Globe had to say about flyer's sailing lessons


Sailing Lessons:

All skill levels - 2 hours hands on experience with instructor

$130 first person

$30 each additional person




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